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Jerusalem Highlights

Fun with the Kids

  • The Time Elevator Jerusalem – 37 Hillel Street, Beit Agron (next to the Nahalat Shiva pedestrian mall) – The Time Elevator is an interactive, multi-sensory experience that takes visitors on an incredible journey through time spanning Jerusalem’s amazing 3,000 years of existence. Ninety out of 102 seats move in 6 different directions inside a unique, effect-filled auditorium, making the spectators feel as if they have taken flight or descended into the depths of history until they have become a part of it. The actor Chaim Topol stars in this experiential exhibit. This experience is suitable for the entire family and for all ages (entry is for ages 5 and up) and is also accessible to people with disabilities.
    The Time Elevator website:  
  • The Biblical Zoo – A zoo, located close to the neighborhoods of Givat Masua and Malcha in Jerusalem. The zoo is on the northern slopes of the Refaim river, close to the Ein Yael Spring (Ein Yalu) and Ein Levan.
  • Opposite the Biblical Zoo, an activity for children in Ein YaelActive Museum – Located in Nahal Rafaiim in the heart of Jerusalem's natural world. The site reveals ancient terraces, springs, gardens, and agricultural devices, a reconstructed Roman street, and flourishing gardens inspired by the Song of Songs – all of these take the visitors and place them into the world of country inhabitants in Biblical times.
    The site offers a variety of workshops and activities centered around all kinds of ancient works and agriculture such as mosaics, frescoes, ceramics, tailoring, making paper, baking pita, constructing old musical instruments, and additional agricultural activities including the pressing and preparing of grapes, milking cows and making cheese, and picking olives and producing olive oil.
  • Route 99 – Tour around Jerusalem – We recommended discovering Jerusalem and its historical and tourist sites via Egged’s Route 99 Tour Bus, which operates in cooperation with City Tour. With Jerusalem City Tour, you can enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable ride which passes by all of Jerusalem’s spectacular historic and tourist sites, allowing its passengers to get on and off the bus at any one of the 28 stations along the route during all hours of operation. The bus is equipped with a sound system (including personal headphones), which enables passengers to listen to explanations about the various sites in eight different languages – English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Hebrew, and Arabic.

    Visit the Egged website for the bus’s route, operating hours, and fares:>IngCategoryID=2773

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