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Jerusalem Highlights
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Central Events

  • Israel Festival – Multi-field festival which takes place each year in the spring (May-June) for a few weeks. Its center is in Jerusalem. Alongside classical music, it includes dancing shows, theatre, jazz, plastic art exhibitions, and lectures from experts. Throughout, it emphasizes multicultural plans, which combine with international shows alongside quality Israeli shows.
  • Jerusalem Film Festival – An international film festival that takes place each year in July. It is considered to be one of the most important festivals in Israel, and opens with a festive screening of a new movie in the Sultan Pool. During the days of the festival, different movies are screened in the Jerusalem Cinematheque and other halls in the city. Furthermore, there are conventions, workshops, and lectures, and open shows and activities for the public in the Cinematheque and in different Jerusalem locations. The festival closes with an open outdoor screening of the feature-length movie and short film which are the winners of the Volgin Prize for Israeli cinema, under the auspices of the "Moonlight Cinema" project.
  • The Abu Ghosh Vocal Music Festival – The Abu Ghosh festival is the main vocal music festival in Israel, and takes place twice a year, for 3-5 days during the Shavuot and Sukkot holidays in the village of Abu Ghosh. An absolute paradise for vocal music aficionados, the Abu Ghosh festival features a unique combination of a beautiful village with spectacular scenery, magnificent churches with the finest acoustics in Israel, rich and diverse musical programs, and a unique audience that both listens and sings. The festival manages to attract diverse audiences, young and old, due to its creative wealth and its successes in Israel and overseas, and many international artists ask to perform at the festival.


    Festival website:

  • Vocal Concerts at the Dormition Church – The Dormition Church, founded in 1906, is one of the most grand and beautiful of the many churches scattered throughout Israel. The church is located at the peak of Mount Zion, next to the southern wall of the Old City of Jerusalem. Concerts have been held at this church for about a decade, on Saturday mornings at 11:00am. Featuring the church’s two large organs, as well as the majestic artistic décor of its architecture and stained glass windows, the church has extraordinary acoustics. After the concerts, fascinating tours of the area are held by the finest tour guides. These walking tours of Jerusalem intensify this human-artistic experience from an historical perspective, and attract visitors from across the country.


    The Voices 2000 Dormition Church Website:


    For a schedule of events:


  • Jerusalem Art Festival – The festival, which has taken place each year since 2002, is aimed at advancing the creative fields (dancing, theatre, music, and singing) in Israel, and to present quality shows at modest prices to a wide audience.
  • The Sabras – Israeli Arab Folklore Evenings at the YMCA – the Israeli folklore show has taken place since 1979, and takes place three times a week on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday night at the YMCA show hall (26 King David St.). The show features singers, dancers, and musicians of a very high artistic standard, who present a look at all of the cultures that exist in Israel, showing the most interesting and special aspects.
  • Hutzot Hayotzer Fair – A fair of artists and creators, which takes place every summer in August, in the Hutzot Hayotzer (a complex of artists' workshops between the Sultan's Pool and Mamila in Jerusalem, down at the bottom of the Jaffa Gate and the Tower of David). The fair takes place during the evening hours, and the area, including the city walls, is lit up with special colorful lights. Starting in the 1990s, the fair was expanded from the Hutzot Hayotzer to the new Sultan Pool, while it includes music shows, creative workshops, activities for children, and exhibitions of international artists.
  • Jerusalem International Book Fair – Takes place every two years at the International Congress Center in the International Convention Center in Jerusalem, produced by the Jerusalem Municipality and the Ariel Company.
  • "Autumn Nights in the Old City" Project – In September-October, the Jerusalem municipality organizes a project in which the public is offered guided tours and shows in the Old City at no charge.
  • During Hol HaMoed ("intermediate days") for Passover and Succot, and on Jerusalem Day, there are parades in the city to celebrate these holidays and, as a symbol of identifying with the city and its inhabitants. The famous Flag Dance takes place on Jerusalem Day.
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